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Bacteriotherapy or total gut flora fecal transplant

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Fecal bacteriotherapy

This involves transfer of entire bacterial flora from a healthy donor to the sick recipient. It has been used successfully to treat refractory as well as severe/recurrent  cases of C. difficile colitis as well as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).


• Protocols/recepies vary. I am not aware of any randomized controlled trials to examine most issues related to fecal transplantation.

NOTE: This article has been written in response to general  requests for info, and NOT in any way to indicate this as a potential treatment for autism.

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High Homocysteine, Low Vitamin Levels in Autism in Different Societies: Implicate Vitamins B12, Folic Acid, B6 in causative factors

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Multiple Western studies have demonstrated high levels of homocysteine in autism spectrum disorders. While autism is more common in th West, a similar correlation in Eastern societies also would lend support to hypothesis that folate-B12-homocyteine metabolism reactions may play a key role in environmental factors in autism.

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