Anti-gliadin antibodies in autism

Gluten free diet is becoming increasingly popular across the Western society and even more so among those suffering from autism. ..Study by Dr. Lau and colleagues  from the Celiac Disease Center in Columbia University, New York, lends further support to the use of gluten free diet by autistic subjects.

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Intergenerational effects are involved in chronic diseases like autism

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The fetal origins hypothesis

A suboptimal maternal environment during pregnancy programs the functioning of fetal tissues and modifies the risk of disease in adult life. Just consider:

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Altered Fermentation of Undigested Food by Gut Bacteria in Autism: Clues to Treatment Strategies

Evidence indicates that gut bacteria may be at the crossroads of genetics, digestive enzymes of  autism spectrum disorders.  This study of altered corroborates the hypothesis and provides clues to how altered bacteria may be involved in causing and sustaining autism.

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Leaky gut syndrome

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Does Influenza and Antibiotic Use During Pregnancy Increase Autism

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  • Infection results not only just immune activation but also increased intestinal permeability or leaky gut along with alterations of intestinal bacteria or dysbiosis. Such intestinal changes can results in passage of potentially noxious substances/signals across the placenta to the developing fetus.
  • These chemicals transferred to fetus and its developing brain may include maternal antibodies as a result of infection, abnormal neurochemical signals due to altered brain-gut-bacteria communications in mother, absorbed bacterial toxic products with their antibodies as well as potentially noxious semi-digested food products.

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Effect of Gut Bacteria on Ultimate Health Starts During Pregnancy

Microbial transfer and contact of the mother with the growing baby in uterus as well as during delivery and breastfeeding cannot be ignored. In fact early exposures have affect the long term bacterial finger-print of the individual also termed as microbiological programming.

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Is Autism an Immune Disorder?

Presented By Anil Minocha MD, author: Guide to Alternative Medicine and the Digestive System

This link is a response to an article in NY Times on this issue, really worth a read, no matter what you believe is at the root of this disorder:

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Autism and ADHD: Role of abnormal mitochondrial function

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Enteric nervous system or second brain is more susceptible to mitochondrial dysfunction than brain

  • Nervous system of the gut also known as enteric nervous system is susceptible to mitochondrial dysfunction even more than the brain and is consistent with increased prevalence of gastrointestinal symptoms in patients with primary inherited mitochondrial disorders.
  • Not all regions of the gut and enteric nervous system or the “Second Brain” are equally affected during illness, a phenomenon seen in the central nervous system as well.

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