PANDAS manifests as a conglomeration of neuropsychiatric symptoms, mainly obsessive-compulsive disorder or tic disorders, temporally associated with an immune-mediated response to GABHS. At the same time, most of the issues about PANDAS have been mired in debate causing confusion and frustration among physicians as parents/patients alike.

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  1. Effect of Gut Bacteria on Ultimate Health Starts During Pregnancy
  2. Warning signs of autism
  3.  Overview of autism spectrum disorders
  4. Unhealthy gut and digestion are at root of many chronic diseases Desulfovibrio: The new bad actor on autism sceneAbnormal gluten gliadin antibodies in autism
  5. Functioning brain MRI scan evidence probiotics affect brain changes
  6. D-ribose reenergizes brain in autism,  ADHDAutism is rising in developing countries tooProbiotics improve brain function, mood, memory
  7. Intergenerational effects: Implications for chronic diseases like autism
  8. Altered Fermentation of Undigested Food by Gut Bacteria in Autism: Clues to Treatment Strategies
  9. Antibiotics in meat: A case for organic food
  10. Does Influenza and Antibiotic Use During Pregnancy Increase  AutismDoes proximity to freeway traffic  increase risk of autism
  11. Ketogenic diet and autismMoms’ Probiotic Use Reduces Eczema
  12. Effect of Gut Bacteria on Ultimate Health Starts During Pregnancy

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