About Dr. Anil

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Anil Minocha MD, author: Guide to Alternative Medicine and the Digestive System

Dr. Anil is a practicing gastroenterologist and nutritionist. In addition, he is a clinical investigator and educator with 6 books and over 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals to his credit. He holds the academic title of Professor of Medicine

Learn about 12-point autism treatment program   

Does proximity to freeway traffic  increase risk of autism


All fish are not same: Low v high mercury fish   
Quinoa: one complete high protein food  Health benefits of probiotics and prebiotics
Antibiotics in meat: A case for organic food


FODMAP diet: one type of elimination diet to try
Zinc supplements boost immune sytem and reduce respiratory infections Turmeric: A must-have healthy spice in kitchen.
Use of elimination diet in autism


Food allergies and intolerance are not the same
Do cranberry and/or mannose protect against  urinary tract infections or UTI   Coconut oil repairs unhealthy skin

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