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Cough, sore throat, and antibiotics

Here is a link to a posting by my pediatrician friend Dr. Sood about sore throat and over use of antibiotics.

Unnecessary use of antibiotics not only creates drug resistant bacteria but also disrupts the bacterial balance in your gut with short and long term consequences including but not limited to diarrhea and chronic immune dysfunction.

Now enjoy her post:

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Organic foods and pesticides and pathogens content

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While not much difference in essential nutrients, organic foods have lower levels of pesticides, fewer highly antibiotic resistant food borne disease causing bacteria and much more cancer fighting phenols than conventional foods.

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 Guide to Alternative Medicine and the Digestive System

Toileting posture to take care of business

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Autism and gut bacteria: Do antibiotics work?

Chronic abdominal pain in kids 

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Is folic acid supplementation, good or bad 

Do zinc supplements help respiratory infection

Eat fast, get fat: control your weight

Black raspberries and cancer risk

Diet for Crohn’s disease patients

Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS

Cancer risk of artificial sweeteners  

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Is Autism an Immune Disorder?

Presented By Anil Minocha MD, author: Guide to Alternative Medicine and the Digestive System

This link is a response to an article in NY Times on this issue, really worth a read, no matter what you believe is at the root of this disorder:

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Milk banks are becoming increasingly popular

By Anil Minocha MD, author: Guide to Alternative Medicine and the Digestive System

As the public becomes more aware of the benefits of breast milk for their kids, the popularity of milk banks is rising since many women cannot breast-feed the baby for health reasons. This news item is a testimonial to how beliefs are changing.

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