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Dr. Minocha’s latest book October 2012, A Guide to Alternative Medicine and the Digestive System

Cough, sore throat, and antibiotics

Here is a link to a posting by my pediatrician friend Dr. Sood about sore throat and over use of antibiotics.

Unnecessary use of antibiotics not only creates drug resistant bacteria but also disrupts the bacterial balance in your gut with short and long term consequences including but not limited to diarrhea and chronic immune dysfunction.

Now enjoy her post:

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Maternal, Natal Risk Factors for Autism

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Dr. Gardener and colleagues from the Department of Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA conducted a metaanalysis of the studies on the effect of perinatal and neonatal risk factors that contribute to risk for autism. These investigators published their findings in the journal Pediatrics 2011.

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 Guide to Alternative Medicine and the Digestive System


Primer on Gluten Free Diet: Examples, Caveats and What to Look For

Gluten-Free Diet

Gluten in unexpected places

  • Medications
  • Additive in products like lipstick and play dough
  • Meat, poultry and egg products may contain wheat protein

The Gluten-free Diet: Some Examples

Chart below is a select description of foods and based on 2006 American Dietetic Association recommendations for a gluten-free diet…..


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Benefit of N-Acetylcysteine in Autism

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N-acetylcysteine and autism

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Constipation: Take care of business better

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Constipation is occurs frequently in subjects with numerous chonic ailments including  autism or autistic spectrum disorders and sometimes it’s just labelled as “functional”. Overall it is complex and an overall understanding including involvement of “big brain” (central nervous system), “our second brain” (enteric nervous system ) i.e. nervous system in gut) and brain-gut axis may explain why constipation is common among those suffering from autism/ASD.

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Bacteriotherapy or total gut flora fecal transplant

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Fecal bacteriotherapy

This involves transfer of entire bacterial flora from a healthy donor to the sick recipient. It has been used successfully to treat refractory as well as severe/recurrent  cases of C. difficile colitis as well as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).


• Protocols/recepies vary. I am not aware of any randomized controlled trials to examine most issues related to fecal transplantation.

NOTE: This article has been written in response to general  requests for info, and NOT in any way to indicate this as a potential treatment for autism.

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