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Moms’ Probiotic Use Reduces Eczema

  • Probiotic use during pregnancy and early breast-feeding period is safe and effective in reducing the risk of skin eczema rash or atopic dermatitis in early childhood.
  • Authors speculated that maternal use of probiotics modulates immune structure/function  via the fetus-placental unit during pregnancy. Maternal use of probiotics does impact on gene expression in the placenta as well as the gastrointestinal system of growing fetus.

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Gut, Immune Function and Autism

Lack of a specific laboratory abnormality and reliance on symptom complex makes diagnosis of autism unclear. Role of combined genetics and environment is suspected. Immune dysfunction is being increasingly recognized in pathogenesis. Gut is at the cross-roads on interplay between immune and nervous system. Intestinal bacteria as they move from neonatal bacterial flora to the adult bacterial pattern play a crucial role in the final make-up of the immune system which is interacting with the nervous system. Any disturbances along in later life can still upset the proverbial apple-cart making things worse.


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Effect of Gut Bacteria on Ultimate Health Starts During Pregnancy

Microbial transfer and contact of the mother with the growing baby in uterus as well as during delivery and breastfeeding cannot be ignored. In fact early exposures have affect the long term bacterial finger-print of the individual also termed as microbiological programming.

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