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Benefit of N-Acetylcysteine in Autism

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N-acetylcysteine and autism

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Probiotics: Do you know how to choose and use?

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  1. I suggest avoid taking probiotic with food so as not to subject the probiotic bacteria to peak digestive acid and juices
  2. Since the administered probiotic bacteria are transient inhabitants in the gut, I recommend taking probiotic twice a day in order to maintain a steady state and avoid sharp fluctuations.
  3. Data suggests that even killed probiotic bacteria may provide some health benefits

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Note: Probiotic supplementation is part of the 12-step treatment autism program.

Constipation: Take care of business better

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Constipation is occurs frequently in subjects with numerous chonic ailments including  autism or autistic spectrum disorders and sometimes it’s just labelled as “functional”. Overall it is complex and an overall understanding including involvement of “big brain” (central nervous system), “our second brain” (enteric nervous system ) i.e. nervous system in gut) and brain-gut axis may explain why constipation is common among those suffering from autism/ASD.

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