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Autism: It’s Gut Stupid

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By Anil Minocha MD, author: Guide to Alternative Medicine and the Digestive System

Welcome to Dr. Minocha’s new blog wherein he focus his attention mainly on peer-reviewed scientific studies and other info on gut and nutrition in the context of autistic spectrum disorders including autism. Such studies shall be cited appropriately.

While our knowledge about Autism/ASD continues to grow exponentially, much remains an enigma. Along the way, Dr. Minocha will offer his opinions as well. He is not the only clinician to do that. A recent peer-reviewed comprehensive systemetic review concluded that while numerous medical treatments are being prescribed by physicians, “strikingly little evidence” exists to support benefit for these treatments.

That may be due to the multifactorial nature of these disorders including a genetic predisposition. Further complicating the problem is the fact that there are multiple tpes/disorders clobbered into each of these conditions e.g. autism may not just have variants but are heterogeneous, in fact more than one distinct  disorder. When studies include subjects broadly, it can become difficult to replicate results of studies and hence this is one of one of the reasons for confusion on what causes these disorders and how can we heal them.

Multiple but not all studies have implicated gut and nutrition among the factors involved in the pathogenesis. The variability in results from different studies has led to the controvery surrounding the application of gut-nutrition hypothesis to these complex disorders. An analogy would be like various studies implicating gut/nutrition circling around the bulls-eye of autism/ASD. Whether these relationships are just a coincidence, an association or in fact represent causative mechanisms is open to debate.

Dr. Minocha believes that gut (for example hyperpermeability or leaky gut syndrome and dysbiosis or alterations in gut bacteria) along with nutrition play a sentinel role in causing and sustaining these disorders and hence should form one of the cores for treatment strategies e.g. 12 Point Autism Treatment Program With so much being unknown, other well-intentioned people may very well come to different conclusions.

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