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Altered Fermentation of Undigested Food by Gut Bacteria in Autism: Clues to Treatment Strategies

Evidence indicates that gut bacteria may be at the crossroads of genetics, digestive enzymes of  autism spectrum disorders.  This study of altered corroborates the hypothesis and provides clues to how altered bacteria may be involved in causing and sustaining autism.

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Primer on Gluten Free Diet: Examples, Caveats and What to Look For

Gluten-Free Diet

Gluten in unexpected places

  • Medications
  • Additive in products like lipstick and play dough
  • Meat, poultry and egg products may contain wheat protein

The Gluten-free Diet: Some Examples

Chart below is a select description of foods and based on 2006 American Dietetic Association recommendations for a gluten-free diet…..


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This acid from food links autism with gut bacteria

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  • Propionic acid is contained in many food preservatives. Calcium propionate is FDA approved food preservative widely used in wheat, bread, cheese, juices, as well as dried fruit.
  • Propionic acid in food represents only a small fraction of what is encountered in gut as a result of bacterial metabolism.
  • Absorbed prioinic acid once absorbed into the blood circulation crosses the blood brain barrier and enters the brain where it can exert its affects.

Propionic acid or propionate in healthy kids

  • Consumption of large amounts of propionate makes kids irritable, inattentive,  and restless associated with sleep problems [Dengate 2002]

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