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Functioning MRI Brain Scan Evidence Probiotics Affects Brain Function


Question arises, do we biologically change the functioning of brain by altering the composition of intestinal bacteria using probiotics? Animal studies certainly demonstrate this phenomenon, but is it true in humans as well.

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Moms’ Probiotic Use Reduces Eczema

  • Probiotic use during pregnancy and early breast-feeding period is safe and effective in reducing the risk of skin eczema rash or atopic dermatitis in early childhood.
  • Authors speculated that maternal use of probiotics modulates immune structure/function  via the fetus-placental unit during pregnancy. Maternal use of probiotics does impact on gene expression in the placenta as well as the gastrointestinal system of growing fetus.

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Probiotics: Do you know how to choose and use?

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  1. I suggest avoid taking probiotic with food so as not to subject the probiotic bacteria to peak digestive acid and juices
  2. Since the administered probiotic bacteria are transient inhabitants in the gut, I recommend taking probiotic twice a day in order to maintain a steady state and avoid sharp fluctuations.
  3. Data suggests that even killed probiotic bacteria may provide some health benefits

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Note: Probiotic supplementation is part of the 12-step treatment autism program.

Brain Disorders and Gut Bacteria Connection: Multiple Sclerosis Example

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Potential therapeutic strategies to treat multiple sclerosis and other neurological diseases like autism if Gut Bugs and Brain theory is confirmed

  • Repopulation of gut bacteria
  • Immunization against bacterial antigens
  • Antibiotics targeted against specific pathogens
  • Probiotics to alter gut bacteraia balance to modify immune system

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