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Using Old Stone Age Diet As Model For Autism Treatment Diet

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Why our ancestors on paleolithic diet did not suffer modern diseases?

The answer to why these chronic diseases were uncommon in ancient times may lie in not comprised such a diet, rather what was absent!

In the context, grains and milk immediately pop up as potential answers.  The scientific research on gluten sensitivity/intolerance has undergone an exponential rise with the recognition that patients can actually suffer symptoms without having classic celiac sprue. Cow milk allergy and intolerance has been implicated in pathogenesis of many disorders and autism spectrum disorders may be one of them.


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Primer on Gluten Free Diet: Examples, Caveats and What to Look For

Gluten-Free Diet

Gluten in unexpected places

  • Medications
  • Additive in products like lipstick and play dough
  • Meat, poultry and egg products may contain wheat protein

The Gluten-free Diet: Some Examples

Chart below is a select description of foods and based on 2006 American Dietetic Association recommendations for a gluten-free diet…..


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