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Anti-gliadin antibodies in autism

Gluten free diet is becoming increasingly popular across the Western society and even more so among those suffering from autism. ..Study by Dr. Lau and colleagues  from the Celiac Disease Center in Columbia University, New York, lends further support to the use of gluten free diet by autistic subjects.

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Is Autism an Immune Disorder?

Presented By Anil Minocha MD, author: Guide to Alternative Medicine and the Digestive System

This link is a response to an article in NY Times on this issue, really worth a read, no matter what you believe is at the root of this disorder:


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Co-existing Autism and ADHD: shared hereditary factors?

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Maternal, Natal Risk Factors for Autism

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Dr. Gardener and colleagues from the Department of Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA conducted a metaanalysis of the studies on the effect of perinatal and neonatal risk factors that contribute to risk for autism. These investigators published their findings in the journal Pediatrics 2011.

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 Guide to Alternative Medicine and the Digestive System


Autism prevalence and gut-brain connection: Treating based on what we know

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Is the brain dysfunction of autism primary or secondary

What causes autism? Is the problem mainly in brain or the brain effects are secondary? Alterations in pace of growth of brain white matter may result in uncoordinated nerve cell-synapse communications.

Other factors implicated in autism  including age of parents, seizure disorders, problems with immune system and endocrine/hormonal system, dysfunction of the mitochondria that are responsible for respiration at cellular level.

Disordered gut provides unifying framework underlying autism

Invoking the gut at the core of the disorder may provide a unifying framework for better understanding of autism and its multiple diverse manifestations. The range of presentations may vary based on the qualitative and quantitative differences of the digestive factors involved.


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