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Maternal, Natal Risk Factors for Autism

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Dr. Gardener and colleagues from the Department of Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA conducted a metaanalysis of the studies on the effect of perinatal and neonatal risk factors that contribute to risk for autism. These investigators published their findings in the journal Pediatrics 2011.

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Dental Health and Sickness in Autism

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Bad teeth and gum equal to inflammation. The pro-inflammation cytokines, chemical signals are thus circulating throughout and effecting the whole body including the heart and the brain.

Inflammation is an important component of chronic disease states including disorders affecting brain. Neuro-inflammation creates disruption in brain cells as well as signalling pathways and as such may have important role in neuro-behavioral manifestations of autism spectrum disorders. Maintaining good oral-dental health is part of the 12-point autism treatment program.


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 Join Facebook group Autism: It’s Gut Stupid

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