Autism and ADHD: Role of abnormal mitochondrial function

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Enteric nervous system or second brain is more susceptible to mitochondrial dysfunction than brain

  • Nervous system of the gut also known as enteric nervous system is susceptible to mitochondrial dysfunction even more than the brain and is consistent with increased prevalence of gastrointestinal symptoms in patients with primary inherited mitochondrial disorders.
  • Not all regions of the gut and enteric nervous system or the “Second Brain” are equally affected during illness, a phenomenon seen in the central nervous system as well.

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5 thoughts on “Autism and ADHD: Role of abnormal mitochondrial function

  1. Thank you for another very thought-provoking article. I found it interesting that genetic testing might not reveal mitochondrial dysfunction, but a muscle biopsy can. Do I understand that correctly?

    • Thanks for your comment. You make an important point. There is a difference between the presence of a particular gene and its expression of a gene. In addition, the threshold for describing a “mitochondrial dysfunction” is lower than what is required for a diagnosis of “mitochondrial disease”.

  2. Thank you for your reply. Great information! Can you provide a little more info regarding the use of a muscle biopsy to diagnose a mitochondrial dysfunction? Is it really that simple?

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