Autism kids suffer constipation

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Several studies indicate that gastrointestinal disturbances are more common in autism/ASD. Despite lot of anecdotal data, the issue of constipation in such patients is mired in controversy.

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3 thoughts on “Autism kids suffer constipation

  1. Weighing up the available evidence and making the distinction between functional bowel problems and other bowel issues (inflammatory bowel problems), even the most skeptical of persons would accept that issues like constipation seem to present more frequently in some cases of autism when compared to control population data. I stress ‘some’ because autism is about a heterogenous condition as you can get in terms of symptom presentation and other factors such as maturation and the effects of comorbidity. Indeed comorbidity might very well be the important factor here.
    The evidence is derived from various sources: direct GI inspection (using things like the Rome criteria), physician/parental report, etc.

  2. constipation is also a symptom of anxiety. 80% or more of kids with autism also have clinically significant anxiety. coincidence? i don’t think so. let’s treat the anxiety.

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