This acid from food links autism with gut bacteria

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  • Propionic acid is contained in many food preservatives. Calcium propionate is FDA approved food preservative widely used in wheat, bread, cheese, juices, as well as dried fruit.
  • Propionic acid in food represents only a small fraction of what is encountered in gut as a result of bacterial metabolism.
  • Absorbed prioinic acid once absorbed into the blood circulation crosses the blood brain barrier and enters the brain where it can exert its affects.

Propionic acid or propionate in healthy kids

  • Consumption of large amounts of propionate makes kids irritable, inattentive,  and restless associated with sleep problems [Dengate 2002]

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5 thoughts on “This acid from food links autism with gut bacteria

  1. Why doesn’t mainstream medicine look at this. The gut out of
    sync affects the whole body. Let us get back to basics & be open
    to all avenues instead of burying our heads in the sand!

  2. You have a pretty decent summary and I know the articles where some of the points come from, but can you please also include references to the articles. If not throughout the text, then at least at the end. I see here you’ve done it once.


  3. Sonia, these points were discovered by mainstream science. Mainstream medicine is gradually adopting things like this.

    The biggest jump we are making is acknowledging the role of bacteria in the human body. There are 10x as many bacteria as mammalian cells inside of a human being. As science further identifies and understands this, medicine will follow.

  4. the reason why most mainstream medicine does not look at this is because it is more concerned with treating the symptoms, not the cause; same old story. however there are a few medical professionals who are the exception to the rule.

    I work in the food industry, and this is only the tip of the iceberg, as the main offenders are the USA, Australia, most of the EU including the UK. additives used are thinly disguised as “processing aids” (which basically means they are allowed to be used to replace lost moisture, vitamins, mouth-feel, etc, of the products which have been processed), so that the consumer will not be at a disadvantage(?).

    additives are also a cause of allergies in the western world; children and even adults having allergies are almost unheard of in so-called third-world countries.

    as an example, supermarket fresh fish and meat contain the most amount of additives which are designed to hold water which is used to plump the products up. amounts are anything up to 40% in corned meats, as an example.

    I could go on and on about this, but people are buying on convenience and price, rather than quality.

    personally I would rather live on vegetables and grains rather than eat processed food.

  5. Propionic acids released by the clostridia bacteria have various isomeric forms and therefore energy contents. The normally evolved bacteria release a form we have been evolved to cope with and it is involved in the control of our actions both physically and mentally in sustenance acquisition (Through an evolutionary process without which we as mammals would not exist). This is achieved when the released molecule of acid is chemically reduced in the brain cell releasing the energy in its radiant form. From this a signal is then induced from the regulatory memory (RM) associated with the involved genes of the DNA where under normal circumstances a controlled reaction from the cell is activated. However given the bacteria has been dysfunctionally evolved by exposure to Antibiotics or environmentally significantly different sustenance then the propionic acid molecule has a different energy content that on release in the brain cell draws a dysfunctional reaction. This is Autism or Tourettes etc.depending on the antibiotic or sustenance involved.. (Cells are spontaneous in their reaction! Give me a break, what rot, whatever happened to the physics law that every effect has a cause?)

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